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Artisan Italian coffee and locally crafted beers

The Brew Garden journey started way back in early 2002. It was an effort to serve a true Italian coffee experience in London. Ever since we’ve grown to be a group of people with a no nonsense approach!

For three generations, Luciano’s family has been working in the Italian food industry in London, and this inherited passion is now winning awards, including

“Coffee Shop of the Year”

What’s on Magazine.

As a supplier of coffee to the Italian Embassy, and recognition within the coffee sector as one of the leading experts, Luciano takes a quiet satisfaction in his growing reputation as a dynamic exponent of Italian excellence.

“The Best Espresso in London”

The Times.

We were very privileged indeed to have the country’s most celebrated chef, Gordon Ramsay, visit our stand. We showed him how we make the coffee, and we were very interested to hear his thoughts we were obviously extremely delighted to hear his verdict: “A remarkably sublime coffee.”

Gordon Ramsay

Restaurant Show

Latte has the perfect ratio of coffee to milk and a delicate creamy top. Cappuccino is served with 1882 stencilled on the creamy foam in chocolate powder. Baristas are trained for an average of 3 months so sit back and relax – you are in the hands of experts

Mairi Mackay

The Times Coffee Uncovered

Now I don’t mind hot chocolate, I’m certainly not obsessed by the stuff, but it’s cold and the thought of a good hot drink is understandably appealing. However hot chocolate is well, just that. It can’t be that good (surely?), they’re probably gonna spice it up with some multicoloured marshmallows in the shape of hearts of something. Three words: OH…MY…WORD… This stuff is divine!! This IS the best hot chocolate in London.

Matt Wilkinson

Heart FM

Simple espresso served on a pewter tray with a small bitter chocolate and a glass of cold water (to make each mouthful of coffee as rousing as the first) is perhaps a purer expression of the spirit of the bean. Go, for the Lord’s sake. Travel whatever hundreds of miles you must, just for a cup of coffee. It’s worth it. And double worth it.

Giles Coren

The Times

The Art of Italian Coffee

``Unless one lives the Italian coffee lifestyle, and seeks the perfect, one might never experience the transcendent apotheosis of coffee. The transmogrification of espresso. As understanding grows, the shorter the coffee becomes. Finally, one might – just might – be initiated into the mysteries of the ultimate in coffee: ristretto.``
- Luciano Franchi / Founder


We only use 100% organic Arabica


2.40 / 3.10

Our award winning blend of 7 single-origin beans

espresso macchiato
2.40 / 3.10

Espresso with a dash of rich foamed milk

Espresso con panna
2.70 / 3.30

Espresso with whipped cream

Espresso corretto
5.30 / 9.00

Espresso with a shot of grappa or other selected spirits

Espresso gianduja
3.30 / 4.20

Espresso, chocolate and whipped cream

Espresso giacometta
3.30 / 4.20

Espresso, meringue, whipped cream and crushed hazelnut

Traditional Italian recipies

Hot coffee

2.80 / 3.50

Espresso with thick foamed milk

Caffe Latte
2.80 / 3.50

Espresso with steamed milk

Torino Mocha
3.00 / 3.80

Espresso, chocolate and steamed milk

Caffe Paradiso
3.40 / 4.40

Espresso, chocolate and steamed milk topped with whipped cream

Caffe gusto
3.30 / 4.00

Cappuccino with hazelnut, vanilla or Amaretto syrup

Caffe Americano
2.80 / 3.50

Espresso topped up with hot water

5.90 / 9.00

Espresso and cream with Frangelico or Amaretto liquore (Italian equivalent of Irish Coffee)

Why we rock!

Brew Garden is an artisan coffee & beer company. Our roasting plant is based in the heart of Italy and our speciality craft beers are brewed locally.

The Art of Italian Coffee

Our Menu

Organic Coffee

100% Arabica beans roasted in Italy

Craft beer

Brewed locally in Camden London

Iced Drinks

Fresh organic ingredients

Fine Wines

Specially selected by our founder


Hand made in our stone baked oven

Pastries and snacks

Original Italian products

3 Maidenhead Street,
Hertford, SG14 1DP

Mon – Thu 8:00 – 22:00
Fri – Sat 8:00 – 00:00
Sun 8:00 – 19:00

Staple Inn,
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